Our Grantmaking Priorities

The Carmack Collective is a global intersectional climate justice funder. We see the climate crisis as the fight of our lifetime, and the necessary solutions go beyond a simple reduction in CO₂. In order to achieve real climate justice, we must acknowledge that the climate crisis is inherently inequitable, and we must embrace solutions that address root causes rather than false solutions that replicate systems of oppression. 

We do this by focusing our grantmaking on the following three tactics.

Movement Building

Though often overlooked, it’s the strength of movements’ infrastructure, people, and connectivity that drive us towards a more just world. This foundation needs to be maintained and expanded through the natural seasonality of movements.

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Culture Change

Culture is not an afterthought, but a critical part of who we are as people and communities – people have told stories since the dawn of time. Realizing that shifts in culture often precede shifts in policy and political reality, we drive change by backing grantees on the leading edge of cultural interventions designed to transform public conceptions and frameworks.

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Philanthropic Agitation

A critical element present throughout our work and the work of our grantees is donor organizing and agitating within the philanthropic sector. We work to push philanthropy to embrace meaningful wealth and power redistribution.

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