Our Grantmaking Priorities

We recognize that the barriers to a sustainable future are not due to a lack of solutions, but rather the influence of a desperate industry. We support the frontline agents of change who actively challenge the fossil fuel industry’s stranglehold on our planet and its people, in order to pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable world. 

In order to advance our mission, our funding is centered on two strategic tactics.

Movement Building

Social movements and the organizations that flank them are leading the charge against the fossil fuel industry through a broad range of work including community organizing, non-violent direct action, litigation, research, and policy campaigns. We fund a diverse set of movements and movement adjacent organizations holistically, as we know that the strength of a movements’ infrastructure, people, and connectivity are integral to their power and impact.

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Culture Change

We fund groups using cultural interventions such as comedy, public art activations, media, and journalism to reshape and strengthen narratives surrounding the fossil fuel industry. By leveraging creative expressions, we engage the public, shift perspectives, and foster a collective consciousness that rejects the destructive practices of the fossil fuel industry.

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