2023 Flow Fund Grantees

The Carmack CollectiveSeptember 27, 2023

The Carmack Collective 2023 Flow Fund has moved $235,000 to Climate Justice movements working across our priority tactics of movement building, culture change, and philanthropic agitation. This round of grants closes out The Carmack Collective’s first year of grantmaking, with a total of $750,000 redistributed to frontline movement partners.

Our Flow Fund is a decentralized project within The Carmack Collective. The Flow Fund grantmaking is directed by our Advisory Board, comprised of movement leaders, who work collectively, with autonomy over their consensus based process, to distribute one year operating and/or project grants. The Flow Fund is an opportunity for The Carmack Collective to embrace our belief that those on the frontlines of movements have the most innovative and effective solutions, experiment with values aligned operating models, and explore new or emergent funding opportunities.

You can read more about our Advisory Board members here.

Climate Town – $9,500

Youth vs Apocalypse – $7,500

Arvoreagua – $10,000

The Decolonial Centre – $7,500

Casa Sueli Carneiro – $7,500

Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) – $10,000

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ) – $10,000

Pueblo Resurgents – $10,000

Nihikeya – $7,000

Bold Futures NM – $7,500

New York Communities Organizing Fund – $10,000

Building Stories – $10,000

Get Free – $7,500

Hegemonicon – $10,000

Justice is Global – $10,000

Confederación Mapuche de Neuquén – $10,000

Unión de Afectados por Texaco/Chevron (UDAPT) – $10,000

Red Dominicana de Estudios y Empoderamiento Afrodescendiente (REDAFROS) – $8,000

Observatory of Political Ecology of Venezuela – $8,000

De Olho nos Ruralistas – $7,000

Outras Palavras: Terra & Antropoceno – $8,000

Narrative Infrastructure Community of Practice – $10,000

Maui Just Recovery Fund – $10,000

Kuaʻāina Ulu ʻAuamo (KUA) – $10,000

Taproot Earth – $10,000

UPROSE – $10,000

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