2024 Core Grantees

jessieJune 16, 2024

It is with great excitement that The Carmack Collective announces our 2024 Core Grantees. As we continue our mission to combat and dismantle the fossil fuel industry, we are honored to partner with a diverse group of organizations that share our vision for a just and sustainable future. This year, our grantmaking focuses on two key funding tactics: Movement Building and Culture Change. While our 2023 docket had a robust emphasis on Movement Building, we believe that Culture Change is a critical component in our fight against the fossil fuel industry. As such, our 2024 grantees reflect a stronger emphasis on organizations using cultural interventions to reshape narratives and foster a collective consciousness that rejects the destructive practices of the fossil fuel industry.

Our 2024 Core Grantees represent a mix of long-term partnerships and new collaborations, each bringing unique strengths and approaches to the fight against fossil fuels. We are thrilled to support their work through two types of grants: Multi-Year Grants & Exploratory Grants.

Multi-Year Grants:

We are proud to continue our multi-year partnerships with a group of exceptional organizations that have demonstrated strong alignment with our mission and have shown remarkable impact in their work. These grantees, who were previously part of our 2023 Flow Fund and Exploratory Grant programs, will receive a three-year commitment of support, with annual grants ranging from $15,000 to $25,000. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with these organizations and supporting their long-term strategies for creating systemic change.

Climate Activist Defenders

Green Workers Alliance

New York Communities For Change

Unión de Afectados por Texaco/Chevron (UDAPT)

We Refuse to Die

Climate Town

You can view the list of 2nd Year Multi-Year Grantees on our grantee database here.

Exploratory Grants:

Our 2024 Exploratory Grants are one-year, $10,000 commitments to new grantee partners that show great promise in aligning with our mission. These grants are designed to foster mutual learning and exploration, allowing us to better understand each organization’s work and potential for long-term partnership. We are excited to embark on this journey of discovery with our new exploratory grantees and to support their vital work in the fight against fossil fuels.

Hollywood Climate Summit

The Climate Museum

Creatives for Climate



Drilled Media

The Utopia Bureau

Clean Creatives

Oilfield Witness

Shut The Fossils Up

Yellow Dot Studios

Gas Leaks

Climate Imaginarium

Climate Film Festival NYC

Resilience Creative

Youth Climate Collaborative: Reclaim Your Narrative Fellowship

Fossil Free London

Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Community


Center for Climate Integrity

Climate Defiance

Climate Organizing Hub

Climate Families NYC

Louisiana Bucket Brigade

As we refine our grantmaking strategy to maximize our impact, we have made the difficult decision to conclude our partnerships with some of our 2023 Exploratory Grantees. While these organizations have made valuable contributions to the movement, we have determined that their work no longer aligns as closely with our evolved mission and strategic priorities. We are grateful for their dedication and the progress they have made, and we will work closely with them to ensure a smooth transition as they continue their important work.

Coming Up

The Carmack Collective is committed to building a strong, diverse, and effective movement to end the fossil fuel industry’s destructive influence on our planet and people. We believe in participatory models, funding proximate organizations, and listening to the voices of movement leaders. That is why, in addition to our core grantmaking, we are excited for our participatory advisory board-driven Flow Fund grantmaking round this fall. This innovative funding model empowers community leaders and activists to direct resources to the organizations and initiatives they believe will have the greatest impact in the fight against fossil fuels. You can read more about our Flow Fund process here.

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